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Sailing to or In Vanuatu

Vanuatu yacht

Vanuatu yacht

Why Vanuatu?

Although it used to be a secret, people are catching on to all the magnificence of sailing to or in Vanuatu.  This country, which consists of an 83-island archipelago, is rapidly becoming the go-to place by sea in all the world.  Its stunning beauty coupled with fabulous weather is attracting visitors and new citizens by the score.  When someone sails to Vanuatu from another country, they are in awe of the sheer splendor of this vast island paradise.

Heaven on Earth for Sailors

For those folks who value sailing as a marvelous past-time, Vanuatu is pure Heaven on Earth.  With its sparkling blue waters, crystal-clean sandy beaches and tropical paradise inland on the islands, it is no wonder this country is growing by leaps and bounds.  Men and women who own a yacht or a ship can sail until their hearts’ delight all around the various islands that make up Vanuatu.  In fact, many people are choosing to register their vessels in this country and take up residence.

New Citizens and Tourists are Welcome Here!

The allure of Vanuatu captures many of those folks who visit the islands.  So many of them choose either to visit often or to settle on one of the islands permanently.  With only 400 cruising vessels per year visiting the country, it is perfect for those who enjoy a relaxing lifestyle.  If you decide not to own your own yacht or ship, you will probably be able to find a company who offers spots on a charter vessel.  On this vessel you will meander through the different islands, viewing nature and unique wildlife.  You can take in the culture of the various populations and the beauty of Vanuatu in all its splendor.

Things You Need to Know

As we said, everyone is very welcoming here in Vanuatu.  Nevertheless, there are laws and regulations that exist for the good of everyone.  This is particularly true when it comes to fishing, anchorages, immigration and customs.  There may be differences in these between what is required for citizens and for tourists.  The best source of information for this is the Vanuatu Customs & Inland Revenue Department website.  If your questions involve registering or utilizing your yacht or ship in Vanuatu, you can contact Trade Board Limited for details.

Trade Board Limited Explained

TOP Company Formation (TCF) is owned and operated by “Trade Board Limited”. Trade Board Limited is an authorized agent of the government of Vanuatu to process yachts and shipping vessels registration applications for clients from all over the world. Your application will be processed professionally and legally in short time.

Trade Board Limited also offers additional services, being a Vanuatu Financial Services Commission agent and holding a PR license from the said commission allows the company to form companies in 3 days for clients from all over the world. All services are done remotely with no need for physical presence. Trade Board limited also promote Vanuatu permanent residency program and is a sub-agent for Vanuatu Citizenship Program.

Other Services Provided by Them

If you have a business involving the use of one or a fleet of yachts or ships, not only can Trade Board Limited/TOP Company Formation help register the vessels, they can assist with forming your corporation right here in Vanuatu.  They know all the specifics of doing this and can also help establish bank accounts.  This experienced firm already knows all the laws and regulations regarding the matters we discussed earlier.  They can help you to understand them as well as get you set up with everything you need.

You Can Thrive Here Too

What does that mean?  It means that many individuals have discovered Vanuatu is not only a breathtaking place to be, it is profitable.  The local economy is flourishing and the government is stable.  This makes for an extremely friendly business climate.  This is another way in which Trade Board Limited can assist newcomers.  They possess hands-on knowledge of what it takes for a business to thrive in Vanuatu.  They make excellent advisors.  Hire them to guide you and your corporation will thrive too.

Open a bank account, become a citizen, create an offshore company; all in Vanuatu.  It is so beautiful to visit there.  Now you will have an excuse.  Read all about how to do these things at https://tradeboard.biz

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