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Registering Foreign Companies in Vanuatu



Registering Foreign Companies in Vanuatu



If you are thinking of expanding your company, why not consider Vanuatu?  This is a marvelous place to register a foreign company as well as a profitable place.  This blog talks about doing this.  It is easier than you may think.  Please continue reading.

Why Vanuatu?

You might now be wondering why to choose Vanuatu for the expansion of your company.  There are several good reasons.  One is the confidentiality factor.  Businesses and individuals are not required to divulge personal information when they register here.  This means nobody with any ill-will towards you can spy on you and figure out ways to do harm.  With Vanuatu’s privacy standards, you and your business are totally safe.

Other Reasons to Choose Vanuatu

Businesses are exempt from having to pay any taxes for more than 20 years.  That means so much more profits can stream into your company.  Between the savings from not doling out tax money, to the accumulated interest on the additional money, your company will make out like a bandit.

More reasons are of a political nature.  Vanuatu boasts an incredibly stable environment when it comes to both politics and its economy.  There is no governmental turmoil to thwart people’s income earnings levels.  Because of these facts they are more likely to want to spend their money.  Of course, that is great news for the economy.  A business who registers in Vanuatu can take advantage of these advantages.

Examples of Business Industries That Do Well Here

Keep in mind, this is merely a sample.  Any company looking to expand into Vanuatu territory is welcome and will experience massive profits.  The samples consist of holding companies, international trading companies, asset protection companies, and those who deal with international investments.  Other industries that see profits from this region include e-commerce businesses and service-oriented businesses.

Keep an eye out for retail businesses and restaurant chains as well.  With the blossoming economy in Vanuatu, folks are more inclined to spend money in restaurants and at retail outlets.  Another industry poised to succeed here is hotel and resort chains.  With more than 83 fabulous islands to choose from and its ever-increasing popularity, lodging accommodations in Vanuatu are highly sought after.  If your business industry is lodging, definitely keep this in mind.

Registering Your Company in Vanuatu

There are some recommended preparational steps to take once you have decided to register your company here.  You will start with the company name.  There are some instances where a company name will NOT be approved that you must be aware of.  One is that it cannot be a name another company already uses.  It may not even be too similar to such a name.  The other is it cannot contravene any sort of enactment that is related to the using of names.  A definition of what this second stipulation means can be learned by contacting your chosen service firm.

Finding a Service Firm to Represent You

That last sentence is a perfect segue to this paragraph.  It would be prudent for you to find a firm that is knowledgeable in everything to do with business registration in Vanuatu.  They will know the proper steps to take, the amounts of any required fees, and any laws applicable to your business.  A great place to start your search is with the firm whose website you are reading this blog on.  Contact information can be found elsewhere on this site.  Begin by doing that.  They will be happy to answer all questions and guide you through the process.

More Things Your Representative Firm Can Do

This firm can also assist you with procedures like opening bank accounts, licensing your business, agent changes, and acquiring a trademark.  Depending on the needs of your company, they can also help with online merchant account set-up, IP management, and a vast array of related services.  It is important to hire someone to represent you.  If you attempt to register your company in Vanuatu alone, you could miss vital steps and end up in trouble.  Avoid this scenario by hiring your representative firm today.

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